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Institute of Psychiatry is the only facility for providing mental health services in Balochistan. The Institute is providing all kinds of clinical services including outpatient, inpatient, emergency and liaison services, forensic psychiatric services and the community mental health services.
1000 OPD/Month
300 Indoor Services/Month
50 Trainees
95 Staff
  • What is timing for visitors?

    Q. What is timing for visitors of patients ?

    Ans. Patients visitors can visit wards from 12pm to 01pm and from 6pm to 07pm

  • What is OPD timing?

    Ans. Psychiatric OPD timings are from 09am to 01pm from Monday to Saturday.

    Bolan Medical Complex Hospital Quetta
    Sendaman Provincial Hospital Quetta
    Shaheed Benzair Hospital Quetta
    Shiekh Zaid Bin Al-Nehan Hospital Quetta
    Fatima Jinnah Chest Hospital Quetta

  • Where are Psychiatry OPDs available?

    Ans: Psychiatry OPDs are provided at;

    1. Bolan Medical Complex Hospital Quetta
    2. Sendaman Provincial Hospital Quetta
    3. Shaheed Benzair Hospital Quetta
    4. Shiekh Zaid Bin Al-Nehan Hospital Quetta
    5. Fatima Jinnah Chest Hospital Quetta
  • Message of Executive Director
    • In pursuit of our mission to "facilitate the development of innovative ways to collaboratively promote mental health and wellness across faculties and within the health system", we strive to continuously…
      Message of Executive Director, Dr. Hazrat Ali Khan
    • To work for the prevention, relief and treatment of mental illness. To work towards the rehabilitation of mentally distressed people, especially the underprivileged and deprived. To raise public awareness about…
      Message of Founder, Prof Dr. Ghulam Rasool
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