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Balochistan Institute of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences Quetta is affiliated with Bolan University of Medical & Health Sciences, Quetta, which is one of the most prestigious medical universities in the country. The Institute has played an important role in developing undergraduate curriculum at Bolan Medical College Quetta. This is implemented through a formal training program in Psychiatry, which focuses on enabling the students to acquire specific knowledge related to mental health issues, and further develop their clinical skills and attitudes. The academic activities are designed for all clinical years and most of these are evaluated towards the end of the attachment. 


The Institute has long been recognized to lead the postgraduate training in Psychiatry in the country. The total period of postgraduate training is four years. The objectives of the training are designed so that all trainees, at the time of completion of their training, should be capable of functioning as independent specialists with an ability to provide health care and sustain administrative duties. In addition, they are able to contribute towards undergraduate teaching and organize other educational activities.

Training of Education Administrators and Teachers

The Institute trains education administrators, including those dealing with special children in Quetta, Jaffarabad and other districts of Balochistan. The Institute has held regular workshops for them by colleboration of UNICEF. The main idea has been to increase the awareness among school children, teachers and the community through these workshops.

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